The new lineup! That blond Telecaster is a strong contender for the top spot in my book - the crazy thing is it’s a $300 Squier (the “budget” brand of Fender) while the other two each cost almost twice that much and bear the Fender badge. That thing seriously feels and sounds awesome to play.

Warmoth ‘72 Deluxe style Telecaster.

We all know that our experiences affect our personalities but do you ever wonder to what degree that actually effects us? Sometimes I wonder how different I’d be if things happened differently. Would I be a totally different person or would I be the same person just with slightly varying degrees of the same traits? How in-control are we really of our own weird little quirks and compulsions?

Two Z-Boys gone in 3 months…

Stolen from sketchdan

I should probably get my film developed…

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Hi iamnomes!

I can’t believe how amazing this is, and that they’re making a new album. Perfect.

Oh wow – I used to love Copeland so much! Listening to them makes me sad and nostalgic now. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well, sometimes I have time for that. haha



ENTJ personalities seek two main things in their friendships: inspiration and personal growth. Unlike many other types, they do not really need much emotional support or reassurance. However, ENTJs relish the idea of engaging in deep, meaningful discussions with close friends. People with this personality type are very good at noticing opportunities for learning and development, and they always try to encourage their friends to participate as well.