Dang, madre is getting good with the colored pencils!

After dinner…

Me: I’m full
Mom: Nah, you smart.

Oh man, now I know where I got my corny sense of humor.

I’m choosy about script logos but this is damn sexy. 
I think I’m also really into the idea of living in Austin. 

Radio Moscow at Feierwerk Munich

Yeah, and there’s this too. Ferocious! 

Earthless Live at Feierwerks Munich

I swear, I practically crap myself every time I watch this video. After Jimi and Stevie, there was Earthless. 

I’ve slowly started losing my passion for design over the past few years. It makes me anxious because this is what I wanted from day 1 (day 1 being the day I graduated high school). I started to think that it was a number of reasons - all the BS of advertising, all the BS of trendy design, the constant struggle for fair pay…

It may in fact be all of those things but I think ultimately, I think my disillusionment has more to do with the people or teams I have to rely on to get shit done. Working for myself was rough for a while but it was the most valuable experience because I got to interact with the clients face to face rather than have 5 people tell me what they think the client thinks they want.

I’ve gotten to thinking about this after re-reading a section in “Designers Don’t Read” by Austin Howe. My experience in all of the agencies and design departments I’ve worked in sound nothing like how he describes them. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a dynamic, intelligent team that truly cares about bringing the best results rather than a constant scramble to meet deadlines or pissing off clients because we’re spending too much time making something pretty when they didn’t ask for it.

I think the only thing that will keep me excited about design is if I start my own agency. Eyes on the prize. In time, it’ll happen…

Bethel and Pauahi

Bluesin it up as usual. 

The guitarist from the other band we played with last night compared my playing to Stevie Ray Vaughan. That kind of made my night. 

Opposites attract #birdsofafender #fender #telecaster #stratocaster